Introducing the Kiloview CUBE X1 Distribution System!

Check out the new video to learn the latest features and updates of the CUBE X1 Distribution System. Kiloview CUBE X1 lets you manage all your NDI sources without a complex cabling process. It is designed for unified scheduling, switching, and distribution management of all NDI signals, supporting up to 16 NDI inputs and 32 NDI outputs. It offers two distribution modes and the user-centred front panel with a touch screen and buttons simplifies your video source switching.

Highlights of the CUBE X1:
1.Compatible with NDI signals of any formats/devices
2.Seamless NDI switching
3.Non-multicast multiplex distribution
4.Touch screen one-button operation
5.Customizable control panel
6.Log & permission management;

Watch the full video from Kiloview here:

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