Introducing The New BirdDog PF120 NDI Box Cam | Videoguys Live

BirdDog has made a ton of exciting announcements recently, from new products using NDI 5, and the brand new PF120 box camera, which is an excellent tool for live productions.  

On this weeks webinar, host, Gary Bettan, dives into this exciting new camera, as well as some exciting new products and developments from BirdDog with NDI 5.  

Check out this week's webinar, below:

PF120 1080P Full NDI Camera:

​The BirdDog PF120 is a powerful NDI box camera that is incredibly flexible for workflows of all kind.  From your NDI studio production, to your video conferencing USB workflow, PF120 is a perfect fit.

PF120 Features:

  • Sony Sensor
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • 1080p60
  • Full NDI
  • HDMI
  • Full Color Matrix
  • Big Tally Light
  • PoE
  • Audio I/O
  • And More!

Check out this video from BirdDog Introducing the PF120:

Where can you use the PF120?

Video Podcasts, News Production & Social Media Influencers:

Use the PF120 to setup the perfect still show with lighting in any studio environment.

Cooking Shows

Use the PF120 as a central focal point camera like an overhead product shot, cooking show or any other demonstration or tutorial.


By only staying straight ahead, PF120 ensures the privacy of students and limits what portion of classroom is shown. It's also great for back of lecture centers for wide & zoom shots.

House of Worship

This box camera is perfect for focus on the center of the alter, paired with PTZ's between speakers/podium/choir.

Product Spotlight:

Check out our product spotlight where we did a deep dive into the PF100, and some great workflows it can be used in.  

BirdDog PTZ Camera Family:

The BirdDog PF120 fits and pairs great with the BirdDog PTZ Camera family, all of which now take advantage of NDI 5.  Learn more about BirdDog PTZ Cameras HERE.

BirdDog Outdoor PTZ Cameras:

The BirdDog A200 and A300 are BirdDog's weatherproof cameras- perfect for major sports production.  These cameras are now NDI compatible, and a Mark 2 upgrade is available that provides access for color matrix and cloud control capability.  Learn more about the BirdDog Outdoor Cameras HERE.

BirdDog Color Tools and Control UI:

BirdDog's User Control Interface Features a Ton of Customization Options Including Advanced Color Tools!

This is an excellent tool for multi-camera productions to color match between cameras.

Check out this video from Dan Miall, detailing how the Color Tools Interface Works:​

​NDI 5:

NDI 5 is here, and BirdDog and NewTek have both already started to implement it.  

  • The fifth generation of NDI represents a quantum leap for the world’s most used production video IP standard.
  • NDI allows you to move audio and video between devices, anywhere in the world.

Dan Miall released a great video about NDI 5 and the new BirdDog Play.  Check out that video, below.

BirdDog Play: 

BirdDog Play is an NDI 5 capable NDI player at a low cost that can display any local NDI source on the network, and tie into BirdDog Cloud connect to bring in sources remotely. The BirdDog Play comes in at $149.

  • NDI® 5 support – NDI, NDI HX2, NDI Remote, NDI Bridge
  • Play any NDI source on the network
  • Super tiny – just 85x85x19mm and only 97 grams
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Use with BirdDog Cloud Connect player to play NDI sources from anywhere in the world

BirdDog Cloud Connect:

The game changing, globally scalable, totally interconnected video workflow. Cloud Connect provides the fastest connection to your live production or editorial workflow. 

BirdDog Cloud uses these Supported Platforms:​

  • iPhone
  • iPadOS
  • tvOS (AppleTV)
  • Android
  • Android Tablet
  • AndroidTV
  • Chromebook
  • BirdDog PLAY

BirdDog NDI Converters:

BirdDog also has a wide array of NDI converters for multiple workflows.  These NDI converters are also compatible with NDI 5.  Check out our comparison chart below.  

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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