Introducing the NEW TriCaster Mini with Dr. Andrew Cross | Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar

On today's Videoguys Live News Day 2sDay Webinar host, Gary Bettan, is joined by a very special guest- Dr Andrew Cross. Together, they introduce the new TriCaster Mini from NewTek.

Check out the full video on YouTube HERE.

Dr Andrew Cross is the founder of NDI and is the President of Global Research and Development at Vizrt- NewTek's parent company.

NewTek's most recent product is the new TriCaster Mini. This device is a 4K mobile production system that is also completely NDI. The only video I/O's on the device are NDI inputs.

The box can be plugged into your network via one ethernet cable, and your production is ready to go.

In this webinar, we also cover the latest TriCaster Upgrade available from NewTek- 7.1. With the 7.1 upgrade, users gain access to a host of features. One of these includes six months of NewTek Premium Access- which comes with Live Story Creator, Live Panel and a ton of other capabilities.

Learn more about NewTek HERE

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