Introducing the NewTek TriCaster Mini X

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary talks about the exciting new TriCaster Mini X. Gary will explain all the key features and go over every thing you need to know to get yours up and running in no time!

Watch the full webinar below:

00:00 Intro
00:42 Introducing TriCaster Mini X
01:29 TriCaster Mini X is Accessible
02:08 TriCaster Mini X Ports
03:04 TriCaster Mini X is Flexible
03:54 TriCaster Mini X Workflow
05:25 TriCaster Comparison Chart
09:18 TriCaster Mini X is Scalable
11:28 Netgear M4250 Switch Chart
12:30 NewTek Spark Converters
13:01 NewTek PTZ Cameras
13:38 TriCaster Mini X Highlights
15:06 Live Link
15:54 Wrap-Up

TriCaster Mini X

Accessible, flexible, and scalable – the Mini X gives producers at any level the freedom to create and share video wherever and whenever they want using anything from a smartphone to a 4K camera – truly demonstrating the power of software defined visual storytelling.




Also available bundled with the NewTek TriCaster Mini Control Surface and Hard case
TriCaster Mini X is Accessible
  • Video switching
  • Media playback
  • Virtual sets​
  • Ability to add graphics
  • Record
  • Stream

All You Need And More - In One Place

-2x 1G Network Connections
-4 HDMI Inputs
-4 Multiviewer Outputs
TriCaster Mini X is Flexible
  • Cameras, microphones, and any standard HDMI devices connect directly to the powerful Mini X​
  • Users can continue to use all their existing devices when using the TriCaster Mini X. ​
  • No need to purchase any new equipment.

Workflow Diagram

TriCaster Comparison Chart

TriCaster Mini X TriCaster Mini 4K TriCaster TC1
Video Inputs 4 HDMI 4 NDI Director Inputs
(Includes 2 Spark Encoders)
Max Inputs
(With NDI)
8 8 16
Switch Required for NDI Add Netgear M4250
4 Integrated
(Switch required for more
than 4 NDI Inputs)
Yes. Netgear M4250
SDI Inputs With Spark SDI to
NDI Converter
With Spark SDI to
NDI Converter
PTZ Camera Control 8 8 8
Resolutions 4Kp30 4Kp60 4Kp60
Video Outputs 4 Multiviewer 4 Multiviewer 4 SDI
Media 2 DDR
1 Sound
1 Sound
1 Sound
Recording 4 4 8
Live Link Yes Yes Yes
Remote Guests 2 SkypeTX 2 SkypeTX 2 SkypeTX
Price $7,995.00 $8,995.00 $14,995.00

Call us at 800-323-2325 for help finding the right NewTek TriCaster for you!

TriCaster Mini X is Scalable

  • Fits right in to the NewTek ecosystem of products​
  • Users can take advantage of the many ways to scale-up their productions to suit any need​
  • Features NDI capabilities​
  • Supports resolutions up to 4Kp30.​
  • Can be simplified or expanded, as necessary - even by using Spark I/O Converter

NETGEAR M4250 Network Switches Built for NDI

Total Ports 1G SFP PoE Ports Total Power Form Factor Price
10 9 1 8xPoE+ 110W Desktop $599.99
10 8 2xSFP+ 8xPoE+ 220W Desktop $899.99


Total Ports 1G SFP PoE Ports Total Power Form Factor Price
12 10 12 8xPoE+ 125W 1U $609.99
12 10 2xSFP+ 8xPoE+ 240W 1U $979.99
12 10 2xSFP+ 8xPoE++ 720W 1U $1,199.99


TriCaster Mini X Highlights

  • HD & 4K switching, streaming, and recording up to 4Kp30
  • 4 HDMI inputs (8 total external video inputs) and 4 mix outputs
  • Connect to compatible IP devices via NDI
  • Compatible with all major streaming platforms
  • Real-time social media publishing
  • Multi-channel recording, audio mixing, and internal storage
  • Video playback without additional hardware
  • Built-in live titling and motion graphics
  • Link Link brings in the power of the internet directly into TriCaster

Introducing TriCaster Live Link

This brand-new tool allows users to render web pages directly into the TriCaster and pull any web page elements into a production without the need for a 3rd party application.​

From graphics or images on a web page to videos from your organization’s internal training platforms - Live Link offers the ultimate in production agility and freedom.​

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