Introducing the RGBlink mini & RGBlink mini+ Videoguys Live Webinar

The RGBlink mini and RGBlink mini+ are great switchers with four hdmi inputs, that can step your live multicamera production to the next level.  These switchers come packed with a wide array of features, and a USB 3.0 program out, to make it easy to stream with your device. 

On today's Videoguys Live Webinar, Adam Noyes from the video production team steps in to take a deep dive at some of the features in the RGBlink mini and RGBlink mini+, as well as some great potential bundles, and use cases for these switchers.

Check out the full webinar below, to learn more. 

Where can RGBlink be Used?

RGBlink is perfect for live streaming and multi-camera production in the following areas:

  • House of Worship
  • Education and Remote Learning
  • Sports Production
  • Corporate Video


Check out this chart detailing the features found in RGBlink mini and the RGBlink mini+.


Although the RGBlink switchers can't stream directly, the USB output found on the switcher means it can be fed directly into a computer.  From here, the output from your switcher can be streamed directly to Facebook or YouTube, or bought into a software encoder like Wirecast, vMix, OBS or more.  Lastly, you can also bring your feed directly into your video conferencing application of choice as your webcam.  This includes Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Etc. 

Check out our workflow diagram below:


PTZ Control:

PTZ Camera Control is available on the RGBlink mini+, but there are several important things to remember.  Here's a checklist of important things to know:

  • Know your camera's default IP Address 
  • The M Button is where you set Mini+ IP address 
  • The S Button is where you set & enable PTZ IP Address and enable them 

There is a variety of PTZ cameras that can be controlled on the RGBlink mini+.  Two of our favorites are the PTZOptics 20x SDI PTZ Camera, and the BirdDog Eyes P100.  We've released video tutorials on how to set up both for camera control.  

Check out our PTZOptics Camera Control Tutorial using the RGBlink mini+

Check out our BirdDog Eyes P100 Camera Control Tutorial using the RGBlink mini+

XPOSE Software:

The RGBlink mini and mini+ don't just offer control on the switchers themselves, but also vida RGBlinks software: XPOSE.  This software can also bring in multiple cameras, allows for quick camera control and even chroma keying!


  1. RGBlink mini+ and PTZ Cameras: Because of it's excellent PTZ camera control capability, the RGBlink mini+ bundles well with PTZ cameras, like the PTZOptics 12x and 20x SDI, or the BirdDog Eyes P100.
  2. RGBlink mini+ and the Yololiv YoloBox: The RGBlink mini+ has a host of features that can be bought into a stream with a seperate encoder like the YoloBox.  The YoloBox can stream your feed from the RGBlink mini+, which can expand the number of cameras and bring in Chroma Keying, PTZ Control and more. 
  3. Pair your RGBlink mini+ with the LiveU Solo and Solo Connect Modems: The RGBlink mini+ features clean HDMI program out, that can be fed into the LiveU Solo and with the Solo Connect 2 Modem Kit to live stream, even without a wired or WiFi internet connection, with the power of cellular bonding. 


Check out some of these workflows we've come up with using the RGBlink or RGBlink mini+

  1. RGBlink mini+ for Sports Broadcasting:

  2. RGBlink for a School Play or Event:

  3. RGBlink for a House of Worship:

  4. RGBlink for Zoom or Video Conferencing of your choice:


Check out the Webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about RGBlink HERE.

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