Introducing the YoloLiv YoloBox




 Videoguys is excited to introduce the YoloLiv YoloBox! On today's webinar, Gary show just how cool, powerful, and useful this device is. 

The YoloBox is an encoder, switcher, monitor, and recorder built in one! Streaming in full HD with multiple cameras, videos, even picture in picture has never been easier. This Android device is small, portable and has a solid build. Mount it on a tripod. Hold in your hands. Put it in a backpack. The YoloLive YoloBox can go anywhere!

All of this can be handled with the unit's touch screen interface! Use it as a switcher. Add water marks and graphics. Make a picture in picture. Add music and other audio! The possibilities are almost limitless! 

Budgets can be tight! Luckily there's no beating the YoloBox's price! Mix multiple cameras with ease. Create a picture in picture for any presentation. Add and create custom graphics for sporting events. 

YoloLive Yolo Box Specs

YoloBox Allows Various Kinds of Video Capture

This small device is compatible with a number of devices. These are:

  • DSLRs
  • Drones
  • DVs
  • GoPros
  • USB Cameras
  • Apple Products
  • Android Products
  • SD Cards
  • & Online RTMP Pulls

Stream over Wi-Fi, LTE, or Ethernet

The YoloLiv YoloBox is great for those on the go! Use it to stream with available wifi. In a location where there's no internet access? No problem. Stream using a 4G SIM Card making this device perfect for vloggers.


Where to use it

It's rare to find a device made so perfectly to fit into SPORTS. There are tons of features to create a professional stream for teams on to go or at home. There are even scoreboard options available that can be customized with logos and more.

Houses of Worship can use it too, benefiting from it's simply interface. It makes creating a high quality stream easy for any use! No laptops needed. Just hold the YoloLive Yolobox in your hands. 

 Schools will love the YoloBox! Lecture captures are important during Social Distancing. Using the Picture in Picture settings will help best communicate curriculums to students from their homes. The touch screen interface also makes it easy to talk and present at the same time. 

YouTubers and Vloggers are a key target here! This product is simple to use, cheap, and can use any USB webcam as a video source. Stream from anywhere. Stream anytime. 


Watch the full webinar here!


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