Introducing Wirecast Gear The Next Generation: Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar (10-08-19)


Gary is joined by Jeremy Kloosterman to help introduce the new Wirecast Gears! Available in the 310, 320, and the featured Wirecast Gear 420 models! They're finally here and shaking the industry!

Today's News Day 2sDay is a special treat! Gary goes into the "guts" of a Telestream Wirecast Gear 420! These are truly robust products! Worying about the future is no longer a problem. HDMI or SDI imports, durable rack mounted design, are built like tanks, and optimized for streaming! And on this show... both Gary and Jeremy show us just how far the Gear has come since the 110.

These are all available for under the $10 thousand! And you can get away with a lot here. More CPU cores. High clock speeds. Faster RAM. No longer are the DIY systems daunting and challenging! Now the Wirecast Gear TNG has done it all for you! You get it all with the Wirecast Gear 420!

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about Telestream here!

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