Introducing Wowza Player: An Embeddable HTML5 Player

Wowza Player is an HTML5 embeddable streaming media player for HLS video and audio streaming via Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud. Check out more here.

Introducing Wowza Player: An Embeddable HTML5 Player

daves_corner_office_playerJoin Wowza CEO Dave Stubenvoll as he covers the newly released Wowza Player, highlighting feature capabilities, ecosystem options, and what makes the Wowza Player unique in the marketplace. Wowza Player is a new media player designed to complement Wowza-based HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) workflows. Additionally, the player's artificial intelligence (AI) optimizes streaming bitrates based on changing network conditions. Wowza Player is easily embeddable, providing greater flexibility and control over the entire streaming workflow while taking advantage of the emerging HLS playback requirements of today’s devices. Key features of the Wowza Player:
  • Responsive playback without plug-ins
  • Plays everywhere, on all browsers and devices
  • UI controls for dimension resizing, play, pause, seek, mute, full screen, and autostart
  • Adaptive bitrate playback, with AI-based quality optimization
  • DVR capabilities allowing viewers to replay or skip ahead in a live broadcast
  • Support for audio-only streams for podcasters and Internet radio
  • Simple-to-use JavaScript API, including ID3 metadata for ease of deployment
Wowza Player is now available and can be added to streaming workflows directly from the Wowza Streaming Engine™ Manager or the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. Wowza will continue to support third-party players, as well, including JW Player, Bitmovin, THEOplayer, NexPlayer, Radiant Media Player, plus native players for set-top boxes and mobile devices. [Continue Reading...]

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