Introducing YoloLiv YoloBox Mini and How it Fits in the YoloBox Line

On today's Videoguys LIVE, Gary discusses the new YoloLiv YoloBox Mini and it's great features. He also goes over which YoloBox is right for you and your workflow. 

Watch the full webinar below:

YoloLiv YoloBox Mini All-In-One Live Streaming Encoder, Monitor, and Recorder

-Small Size (5.5" display)​
-Go Live in 1080/60​
-4G LTE Support​
-Graphic Overlays​
-Monitor Mode​
-Touchscreen control




How Is The YoloBox Mini Different?

-Compact design 5.5" display​
-500 Nit brightness​
-1 HDMI input​
-Not a Switcher

How Is The YoloBox Mini the Same?

-Same YoloBox interface and features​
-Line in and mic in​
-Qualcomm 660 cpu (same as YoloBox Pro)​
-Live stream wherever you go​
-Stream via 4G, Wifi, or Ethernet

YoloLiv YoloBox Mini Workflow

Check out this chart of a common workflow using a single camera, the YoloBox Mini, and streaming to places like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Custom RTMP

-Add Graphic Overlays:

  • Scoreboard
  • Text
  • Logos
  • Countdown Timer

-Monitor Mode When Not Streaming

-Stream to multiple destinations simultaneously

Who Is The YoloLiv YoloBox Mini Perfect For?

  • Houses of Worship
  • Weddings
  • Creators
  • Sports Teams
  • IRL
  • Gaming
  • Videographers
  • Production Studios

Look At The Content Coming Out From YoloLiv on the YoloBox Mini

YoloLiv has put together a great playlist on their YouTube channel with videos to learn more about the YoloLiv YoloBox Mini. And don't forget to check out Videoguys' videos on the YoloBox family too!

​Comparing the YoloBox Family

YoloBox Mini YoloBox "OG" YoloBox Pro
Brightness 500 nits 350 nits 400 nits
HDMI Input 1 HDMI Input 2 HDMI Inputs 3 HDMI Inputs
USBC Only one for charging Only one for charging One for charging, another full-featured USBC
Total Physical Inputs 2 (1 HDMI + 1 USBA) 3 (2 HDMI + 1 USB) 5 (3 HDMI + 1 USB + 1 USBC)
Audio Inputs Line In and Mic In Audio In Line In and Mic In
USB Out N/A N/A Recognized as a webcam. Will be added via a firmware update
CPU QualComm 660 QualComm 635 QualComm 660


When Should You Step Up to YoloBox "OG" or YoloBox Pro

When you need camera inputs! YoloBox Mini has 1 HDMI + 1 USB. YoloBox "OG" has 2 HDMI + 1 USB. YoloBox Pro has 3 HDMI + 1 USB + 1 USB-C

YoloBox "OG" and YoloBox Pro Still Available!

YoloBox "OG"


YoloBox Pro


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