Investigation of the Matrox MXO2
The Matrox MXO2 is a well-thought out device which serves several key functions. One can monitor HD or SD video at broadcast quality onto a HDMI LCD or Plasma television - and one can convert formats. The ability to down-convert, up-convert and cross convert is provided, enabling transcoding of video in real-time. The MXO accepts a multitude of video inputs including HDMI, SDI, YC, Composite and Component. Both balanced and unbalanced audio is supported.

This is a sophisticated device which can literally save hundreds of hours of encoding as video input into the MXO is transcoded in real-time to the format of your choice.

While other cards and boxes may do some of these functions, the MXO is portable and can be powered from battery or mains - therefore if one powers a MacBook Pro from battery and uses bus powered drives, this can provide a solution which is independent of AC power. Click here to watch the video


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