iodyne Pro Data – Fast SSD RAID for Video Editing Explained

Jürgen Moors' CineD article delves into the cutting-edge iodyne Pro Data, an ultra-fast Thunderbolt SSD RAID storage solution tailored for seamless video editing. The piece not only explores the device's exceptional features but also sheds light on the recent enhancements introduced through the 1.3 firmware update. Available in three capacities – 12TB, 24TB, and 48TB – the Pro Data system boasts lightning-fast performance at 5GB/s, enabling it to effortlessly handle tasks like playing back up to 10 streams of 8K simultaneously.

The article emphasizes the Pro Data's unique position in the market, showcasing unparalleled performance and the capability to facilitate real-time data sharing among multiple users collaborating on the same project. While acknowledging other storage alternatives, such as SSDs or NAS, may be more budget-friendly, the article underscores the Pro Data system's standout features and its potential for transformative impact in professional video editing workflows.

Crucially, the article notes that the Pro Data currently caters to Apple users but reveals iodyne's ongoing efforts to develop Windows and Linux-compatible versions. The piece outlines key features, including transactional RAID-6 and RAID-0, data checksums, self-healing mechanisms, and robust encryption, ensuring data security with XTS-AES-256 encryption and a hardware secure enclave. Noteworthy capabilities such as NVMe Thunderbolt multipathing, multi-user connectivity, and dynamic containers with up to 15 containers per device further enhance the Pro Data's appeal.

Pro Data – Key Features

  • Transactional RAID-6 and RAID-0
  • Data Checksums and Self-Healing
  • XTS-AES-256 Encryption with Hardware Secure Enclave
  • NVMe Thunderbolt Multipathing up to 4 x paths
  • Multi-User connectivity for up to 4 x computers
  • Storage Handoff between connected macOS computers
  • Dynamic Containers with up to 15 containers per device
  • RAID Levels per-Container with adaptive striping and parity
  • Automatic SSD Fault Management and RAID Resilvering
  • Designed for Self-Repair of SSD modules

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 12TB, 24TB, or 48TB
  • Expansion: Up to 6 devices can be daisy-chained per Thunderbolt port pair. Multiple daisy chains can be created on computers that provide more than one Thunderbolt host port.
  • Performance: Up to 5 GB/s
  • Connectivity: 8× 40Gb Thunderbolt3 ports: 4 upstream to one or more computers, 4 downstream to other devices and accessories
  • Cables: 0.7m/2,3ft 40Gb included. 2m/6,6ft or 50m/164ft 40Gb available
  • OS Support: macOS 11.0+ (Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura)
  • Power: 180W GaN power adapter, 110-220V 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 39,1×25,4×3,1cm / 15.39x10x1.22in
  • Weight: 3,3kg / 7,3lbs

In essence, Jürgen Moors' article serves as a valuable resource for anyone navigating the landscape of high-performance storage solutions, particularly those aimed at elevating video editing experiences.

Read the full article by Jürgen Moors for CineD HERE

Learn more about iodyne Pro Data HERE

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