IP Video Production is Inevitable and NewTek NDI is Leading the Way

This article from RedSharkNews argues video over IP is no longer difficult or impractical, but is the future. Videoguys agrees, and right now we've got an a great NewTek deal going on that bundles NDI software, NewTek Advanced Edition, with the TriCaster 460 with control surface and the TriCaster 8000 with control surface. Save big now and get all of the benefits! TriCaster Advanced Edition software adds more than 100 exclusive capabilities to your system, enabling you to get the most out of your workflow from capture and creation to delivery.
IP over Video productionThe trend towards faster networks and bigger capacity means that the move to Video over IP is inevitable. And it will bring very significant benefits... NewTek’s NDI, which is an open, free to use technology, is available now. With a comprehensive and straightforward API it’s easy to incorporate NDI functionality into virtually any kind of video product. There will be a new marketplace for NDI-enabled devices and software. This is already happening. Third-party developers are building products that can interoperate with any other NDI device or service...[continue to full article]

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