NewTek NDI IP Workflow Offers the Impossible to Video Production

IP WorkflowIn a new article, RedShark News examines three of the most important factors that NewTek NDI IP workflow offers to video production. The major emphasis is on how the workflow is able to carry multiple channels at high quality with one network cable as opposed to multiple video cables, one required for each video source. Networks can do things that should be impossible. We’re going to take a quick look at three of them. 1) Send several video channels down the same wire and separate them at the other end 2) Get rid of physical inputs and outputs 3) Sending video over a network can result in improved quality NewTek adds a 4th:
We’d add a fourth: communication is bi-directional with an IP solution such as NewTek NDI. Standard cable protocols for video carry just one channel, just one way. IP protocols such as NDI allow production tools to talk back and forth, as in the example where a TriCaster running TriCaster Advanced Edition sends the tally information, what source is on Preview and what source is on Program, back to NewTek Connect Pro so that the operator for that system knows the status of his sources. That’s also the foundation of the AutoPlay feature for NewTek Connect Pro – TriCaster Advanced Edition tells NewTek Connect Pro when a video it is serving is switched to Program output, and NewTek Connect Pro plays the video.
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