Ironclad's Run-and-Gun Workflow with Teradek, SmallHD and RED

SmallHD, Teradek and RED create high quality video tools. When paired together, these products bring a production to the next level. This is an opinion shared by Jeremy Carey, the founder and director at Ironclad.

“On our shoots, we continually push our gear to the limits, and having equipment that stands up to the elements and everything we throw at it is a must. Remember that on run-and-gun productions, there’s no time to be gentle with your gear. Always go for the best of the best, even if it costs a bit more. This will actually be a better long term investment as you work on more projects.”

Jeremy Carey, Found and Director at Ironclad

Check out this video Teradek posted on their website on SmallHD fitting a production crew's Run-and-Gun needs.

“Unlike traditional sets, our run-and-gun sets usually run on 3 to 4-man crews, with no ACs, no video village, no grip truck. Having a small load frees us to be as mobile as we need to be on these sets. The challenge is being able to balance everything we do have so we can still create a good product for our clients.”

Kevin Kelleher, Filmmaker at IronClad

Teradek Integration

SmallHD and Teradeks pairing on some newer products and integrations, is extremely significant for Ironclad's production team. It means their crews can pack light for their shoot and still create a professional product.

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