Is EDIUS Ready for Primetime?

TV Technology by Jay Ankeney

I've been tracking the EDIUS nonlinear editing software ever since it was introduced by Canopus Corp. more than a decade ago, boasting some of the most advanced codecs then available. After being acquired by Grass Valley in 2005, the capabilities of EDIUS have increased exponentially. Today it seems ready to be considered a viable contender in the accelerating NLE competition for broadcast and high-end post.

"Because of the major turmoil in the boundary market between Pro A/V and broadcast NLE systems, we are adding high-end features to EDIUS on an option basis without rewriting its user interface," said Ed Casaccia, director of product marketing at Grass Valley editing servers and storage. "The really cool thing about EDIUS is that if you just peel off all the code, what you have inside is an exquisitely efficient engine for encoding and decoding video, making it a software-codec editor that can even perform in a 4K workflow."


The proof is in the post, of course. But, this fall we should see the first stateside release of a major independent feature film edited with EDIUS, a feisty look at the British indie rock scene called "Powder," which was cut by director/editor Mark Elliott for Red Union Films in New Ferry, England.

"Powder" is the tale of a gritty Liverpool group called the grams, and you can tell they are representatives of modern rebellious youth by the way the band's name is daringly spelled in all lower caps. Based on a book by Kevin Sampson and starring Liam Boyle, Alfie Allen and Al Weaver, "Powder" revolves around the grams getting a shot at a major recording contract if their enigmatic lead singer can re-connect with his long-lost writing partner. The problem is a punk-ish previous band member has already stolen their hit song. read more...

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