Is G-Tech ArmorLock The Future For Ultra-Secure SSD Storage?

G-Technology has recently announced the brand new ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD and app. The 2TB Armorlock offers high-grade security, rugged durability, and pro-grade performance. It delivers revolutionary data protection that's amazingly simple to use.


The ArmorLock is like no other data security systems. It is a high-speed drive that's fast enough for professionals and also a secure storage drives that has enough space to store lots of footage and other data. It also allows the people you trust the most have access to the data. All users need is a smartphone and computer to run the ArmorLock app. It's that simple! 


Forbes Technology Journalist, Mark Sparrow reviews G-Technology's brand new ArmorLock. Check out some of the highlights from his review. 


 "When first plugging the drive into a computer, nothing happens; and nothing will happen until the drive is successfully unlocked. Only then will the drive mount on the desktop. Once that it done, the G-Technology ArmorLock works just like any other storage device, except that it is blazingly fast. My iMac’s USB 3.0 ports weren’t up to the job of wringing the maximum speed out of G-Technology drive. However, with a fast-enough computer, this drive can fly. Even on my iMac, I was able to transfer gigabytes of data at 400MB/s. Once you’ve used a storage device based on NVMe, you’ll never go back to a spinning hard drive. This could even make me upgrade my Mac."

Mark Sparrow


"The G-Technology ArmorLock is going to be a godsend for creatives, especially those working in the movie or TV industries where security of footage is essential. Imagine you’ve shot a terabyte of great video footage and want to send it to a colleague for editing. Instead of uploading it to a server that could be insecure or hacked, you can physically send the drive to the colleague who can then unlock it securely at their end with your permission. And because the drive uses NVMe technology, it’s fast enough to be used for editing movies and music right on the drive."

Mark Sparrow


 "ArmorLock feels like an incredibly innovating new security platform for protecting precious data. I’m not a security expert but I understand how this works and appreciate its advantages and ease of use. I’m looking forward to hearing what creative professionals think of it as it seems to tick all their boxes. If you want a generous storage device with lightning-fast speed and cast-iron encryption and security, the new ArmorLock system and G-Technology NVMe SSD drive is now setting the standards for the rest of the storage industry to follow."

Mark Sparrow



  • Available Capacities: 2TB (2000GB)* 
  • Form Factor: Portable NVMe SSD 
  • Dimensions: 5.29″ x 3.21″ x 0.73″ / 13.4 x 8.2 x 1.9 
  • Operating Temperature: 0oC to 35oC 
  • Storage Temperature: -20oC to 70oC 
  • Interface: SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 2); backward compatible with USB 3.0 and many USB 2.0 hosts 
  • Connection: USB-CTM 
  • Contents: ARMORLOCK encrypted NVMe SSD, USB-CTM to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A cable 
  • Format: Options include HFS+, NTFS, exFAT 
  • Software: ARMORLOCK mobile and desktop app (iOS and macOS only at launch) 
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years

Check out the full review here!

Learn more about G-Technology here!


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