Is it nBelievable? New nVIDIA Quadro Performance Drivers up to 200% faster?

The Edit Doctor by Mike Nichols

Last year Dell Computers had sent me one of their computers to test as a post production alternative for those upset Apple’s lack of a new Mac Pro - (and FCPX as well)

So indeed I tried their Precision 5500 computer with Premiere 5.5 and this new fangled Mercury Playback engine CUDA gizmo.

On day one my results weren’t really that “eye opening” in comparison to my old 2008 MacPro with a AMD 5770 card. In fact, I would say the old Mac Pro was doing fine in comparison.

BUT WHY? Was I doing something wrong? It didn’t make sense, RIGHT?

So I cracked it open and unfortunately there wasn’t even a snazzy NVIDIA CUDA setup in the darn computer they sent me - so I contacted Dell to let them know and then I had to wait for them to figure out what had happened.

In the mean time it seemed silly and pointless to post my experience or results with the setup, especially regarding this whole Nvidia/Cuda/Mercury Playback Flux Capacitor 1.21 gigawatts thing…

The football got pulled out of the way before Charlie Brown could kick it more or less.


…after over 4 months, I did finally receive the appropriate NVIDIA card setup…

AND…HOLY SH*T!!

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