Is The Mac Coming Back?

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How long will you wait for your new MAC PRO workstation? Apple are obviously in no hurry to update their pro product and have already missed the latest round of Intel chips, the E5 Xeon Series. All this non activity poses the question – Are Apple moving away from the pro?

If you’re a video professional and a Mac user do you feel a little let down by Apple of late? There was the exit of XSan the server product, the re-invention of Final Cut Pro as a videography tool for the common man and not the finely tuned editor for pros and now there is a gap in the Mac Pro computer line-up with the last significant upgrade of their superb tower workstations back in 2010. They have now missed the next generation of Intel chipset which are in the new HD Z820 and Dell T7600 workstations.

Apple as a company has a ‘no comment on future products’ standpoint and this excites us with the unknown possibilities but also frustrates us when we have to prepare our spending on information that isn’t accurate.

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook has been quoted in returning an Email to a journalist as saying that 2013 will see an updating of the Mac Pro line with ‘Something special’. The Apple acolytes will greet this like white smoke from the Vatican but the rest of us are left wondering what that ‘something special’ will be. read more...

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