Is this your next NLE? Adobe Premiere Pro Round Up

Toolbox by Jonny Elwyn

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Round Up

Adobe Premiere Pro is seemingly successfully angling its way into the must have next NLE for many editors and production companies. Given that Premiere Pro CC will seamlessly integrate with After Effects and Photoshop (the two Adobe products you’re most likely to already have entrenched in your post production arsenal) and that to many FCP7 editors it represents the FCP8 we never received, Premiere Pro could well be your next NLE of choice.

Oliver Peter’s offers a few thoughts on his blog on the FCPX vs Premiere Pro debate comparing and contrasting the two programs in some detail. It’s well worth a read if you’re still pondering or you could simply download the free trials of each and give them a whirl yourself.

If you’re still cutting on FCP7, and possibly still on Snow Leopard then be aware that Premiere Pro requires Lion or above to even download from the Creative Cloud. You should be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion for a few bucks from the Apple App Store over the top, or why not do a fresh install and treat yourself to a new internal SSD drive at the same time? read more...

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