Is VR the Next Big Trend in Filmmaking?

Is the future of cinematic story telling in 360-degree filming and virtual reality experience? Jeremaiah Karpowicz talks VR filmmaking with Jonathan Kitzen in this article about the impact of virtual reality, necessary creative tools, VR technology and more.

Will VR fundamentally change the way filmmakers approach their craft?

Pluto VR Film by Jonathan KitzenExploring what it meant to create an interactive, virtual reality short film ProvideoCoalition by Jeremiah Karpowicz Not too long ago I was asked to participate in an industry survey, and one of the questions was around what technology or trend was going to be especially big this year and beyond. Previously I might have mentioned HDR, but it feels like HDR has already arrived, which means it’s time to start focusing what’s next. And what’s next for the industry just might be a full-scale embrace of VR. One of the biggest challenges around VR comes back to how the technology can be realized conceptually and practically, and that’s something we’ve talked through before. I wanted to know more though, and a film that’s an early selection in the New Media Film Festival provided that opportunity. Pluto is an interactive, web based, virtual reality short film directed by Jonathan Kitzen. He’s an award-winning director who takes on technically complicated projects that blend his skills as filmmaker and founder of numerous media related technology companies. I was able to talk with Kitzen about how he got involved with VR, how he sees VR impacting filmmaking, what sort of tools creatives need to familiarize themselves for VR with and plenty more. ProVideo Coalition: Tell us a little bit about your career. What got you interested in film? Jonathan Kitzen: I started shooting with a super-8 movie camera when I was about 13. I used to make stop motion films. I even used my pet python in a miniature set once. But I don't think that made me a filmmaker, nor really did going to NYU for film years later. I feel that you become a visual storyteller when that is the best form for the story to take. . .[continue reading]

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