Is YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra The Best New Live Streaming Device?

Explore the cutting-edge features of the YoloBox Ultra in this insightful video from YoloLiv. Anthony walks you through the exciting advancements and highlights the distinctions between various YoloBox versions.

Discover the YoloBox Ultra, the pinnacle of the YoloBox series, boasting the latest hardware, extensive input options, and unparalleled capabilities. In this presentation, we delve into the Ultra's unique features and how it can elevate your production quality.

With four HDMI inputs, the YoloBox Ultra provides versatility, and by utilizing the two USB inputs with converters, you can expand it to six physical inputs. Notably, the YoloBox Ultra supports both NDI and SRT inputs, enhancing its compatibility. Moreover, the Ultra can output an NDI program video, adding another layer of flexibility to your workflow. Upgrade your productions with the power and innovation of the YoloBox Ultra!

Watch the full video below:

00:00 Feature Overview
02:02 YoloBox Ultra/Pro/Mini
02:41 Brand New Features
03:52 Network Bonding & Multistreaming
04:26 HDMI/USB out & Multiple overlays
05:11 YoloCast Events on Ultra
05:25 Horizontal & Vertical In One
06:02 Conclusion
06:29 Promotion Video

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