ITProTV's Review of the GV Director by Grass Valley

The GV Director Nonlinear Live Production System is the ultimate multipurpose tool for live production. Integrating video switching, multilayer effects, animated graphics, multiviewer monitoring and more — all in a single, intuitive and highly creative system. GV Director removes the typical complexity of production and simplifies pre-production and production processes using one intuitive and dynamic platform. Starting from scratch or using a pre-built template, sophisticated productions are easy since elements can be created, packaged and saved offline using a Mac or PC, then delivered live when needed. With the ability to collaborate and share work-in-progress, producing highly creative and valuable content is easy.

After almost two years working with the Grass Valley Director, we decided it was time to share our experience. After getting frustrated with the stability of one of the other popular switching systems, we had a great idea of exactly what we needed and the GV Director gave us all that and more.

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