ITV Studios Uses LiveU to Drive the Future Shape of OB Vehicles

Read about the innovating solutions a broadcasting studio and LiveU came up with that combines hybrid vehicles with bonded technology. They created flexible and economic ip-based broadcasting vehicles that leave a smaller environmental footprint than their former setup. From Garland

liveu cellular bonding....ITV also wanted their new vehicles to be equipped with broadcast transmission technology that would use less energy and provide significant operational cost savings over their previous satellite-alone option. Working with the team from digital video solutions provider Garland, they found the answer in LiveU.

LiveU solutions allow ITV to use both cellular and Ka-band satellite for added resilience and quality. Each hybrid vehicle is IP-based and equipped with an auto-pointing Explorer 8100 satellite dish from Cobham that works to open up an internet data path to the on-board LiveU transmission equipment for areas where there is insufficient cellular coverage. Instead of beaming pictures out via satellite alone, the LiveU unit aggregates all available bandwidth and sends pictures back to ITV’s studio via multiple internet paths, where the signals are then reconstructed to present the programme content live and in low delay.

Each vehicle is equipped with LiveU’s flagship LU600 model. It’s LiveU’s latest portable transmission unit for global newsgathering, live sports and events coverage...[continue reading]

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