iZotope RX 6 Audio Repair software Now Available! Up to $400 Off!

Editing Audio For Video Using RX

Projects typically arrive at post-production late and over budget, which forces video editors to get things back on schedule. That often means repairing, cleaning up, and mixing audio that ranges from ambience, interviews and dialogue, to voiceovers, music and effects. This is where RX 6 can help. De-noise cleans up your recordings. Dialogue Isolate pulls speech and interviews out of undesirable background noise. De-rustle and De-wind reduce the clothing sounds and wind bursts associated with lavalier mics. Mouth De-click takes out clicks, lip smacks and watery mouth sounds. De-breath dials back breathing and inhalation sounds, De-ess attenuates harsh sibilance, and De-plosive gets rids of nasty consonants. Ambience Match allows you to match the background of different takes, while De-bleed reduces leakage between mics in recording sessions.
  • Whether it’s ambience, dialogue, music or effects, RX 6 provides the best tools to repair, edit and enhance audio for TV, film, documentaries and broadcast audio.
  • Use a range of RX 6 modules and plug-ins to de-noise, isolate speech, clean up lavalier mic recordings, and fix common voiceover, dialogue and recording problems.
  • Whatever set of tools you use, RX quickly and seamlessly improves audio for video, streamlining editing and post-production.

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