iZotope RX Rescues Discovery's Deadliest Catch

Screen Shot 07-20-15 at 09.21 AMLets face it, when you are out on teh high seas, the you can't always control the situation. Even the best layed plans and placed microphones are going to run into problems resulting in less then optimal audio. Discovery's post prodcution team uses Izotope's RX software to repair and cleaning up the audio to deliver the best possible sound for Deadliest Catch viewers.
The Broadcast Bridge by Bob Bronow Bob Bronow deals with the crabbiest audio for Discovery Channel’s program, Deadliest Catch. The range of corrective solutions provided by the iZotope RX module ensure viewers of the show hear nothing but clear, clean audio. I’m a re-recording mixer and sound designer working out of Max Post in Los Angeles. Of all the shows I have had the pleasure of working on, Discovery Channel’s popular show Deadliest Catch is by far the most challenging in terms of the audio repair and cleanup required. Deadliest Catch, which airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Discovery, is a reality series that portrays the highly dangerous working conditions on Alaskan crab fishing boats operating in the Bering Sea. Due to those conditions, I get some of the worst production sound in the world delivered to me. I can’t really complain about the audio quality because there are no sound mixers on these boats, as it’s too dangerous, and there’s not enough room for them. As big as these boats look, the bunk area is extremely small, so camera operators/producers are the only production crew allowed. read more...

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