iZotope RX3 Audio Restoration Software

Microfilmmaker by Gabe Gibitz

Nearly three years ago, I reviewed a fabulous piece of audio restoration software from iZotope called RX2. The capabilities of this program to repair audio at the listed price point astounded me. Then, as if being an industry leader in their field weren’t enough, the folks at iZotope decided to put their own product to shame and release RX3, the latest and greatest in audio repair software. There literally is no match to this product on the market today (while Waves and Sonic Solutions make audio restoration bundles that are more robust, pricing for them starts at $1,500). I’ve done countless comparisons of noise-reduction and restoration software, and this is your best option without spending a small fortune — no questions asked.

The winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development, RX3 operates on both Windows and Mac platforms and is compatible with all major audio and video programs (Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Final Cut Pro and Premiere – just to name a few). Users can choose from a myriad of repair tools within the plug-in like Declip, Declick, Remove Hum, and Denoise. In addition to these features, RX3 Advanced adds specialized features like Dereverb, Dialogue Denoiser (which is utterly shocking) and much more.

For those who own RX2, new tools, enhanced workflow and a redesigned user interface make this a nice step up from its predecessor. I highly recommend the upgrade.

Ease of Use

Within seconds of installing and opening the program, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the RX3 interface underwent an overhaul. iZotope has been doing this with all of their products over the past few years, and I love that RX3 was a part of this UI (user interface) switch. read more...

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