iZotope RX4 Advanced Review


Adding a host of new modules, can iZotope really improve on the prowess of RX 3? Mark Cousins finds out what version 4 has to offer?

Over its last three generations iZotope?s RX has developed an enviable reputation among many sound engineers, especially those working in the field of post-production. Over the years, there?s been a variety of audio restoration solutions ? some in plug-in form, others based on an off-line audio editor ? but like Native Instruments? Kontakt dominance of sampling, RX seems to have become the go-to solution for many audio professionals.

Its success can be explained in a number of ways, but the fact that it so effortlessly straddles both plug-in and standalone operation has meant RX could fit into a variety of different workflows with relative ease.

In truth, it doesn?t seem that long ago since we

reviewed RX 3, but with the introduction of RX 4 iZotope is keen to retain RX?s position as an essential post-production toolkit. At first glance, therefore, RX 4 isn?t graced with a dramatic facelift or an endless list of new and glamorous features that might grab your attention.

Look more closely, though, and you?ll see that iZotope has thoughtfully evolved RX in a way that closely matches the needs of many audio professionals. RX 4 may not be a game changer, therefore, but it certainly contains some new treats that you won?t want to be without. read more...

iZotope RX4:
Comeplete Audio Repair
& Enhancement


iZotope RX4 Advanced:
Comeplete Audio Repair &


iZotope RX 4: Complete Audio Repair & Enhancement

iZotope's award-winning RX is the industry standard for audio repair and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings. Post production professionals, audio engineers, and video editors alike use RX to transform previously unusable audio into pristine material.

RX?s suite of automatic, intelligent modules reduce manual tasks in your audio production workflow, freeing you up to focus on creative experimentation. And for professionals who need to quickly deliver quality results, RX 4 Advanced offers even more specialized post production tools.

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The Pros Talk RX [ Audio Repair and Enhancement Toolkit

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