iZotope RX5 Post Production Suite Reviewed

Here iZotope RX Post Production Suite is lauded for its Spectral Repair tool that seems to magically remove sound and for the overall user-friendly simplicity of the software.

Review: iZotope RX5 Advanced

Postmagazine blog by Jonathan Moser RX5 Post Production SuiteEditors are constantly running into audio problems that seem almost impossible to solve in the edit room. Lack of room tone can make frankenbites sound atrocious. Plosives and bad mics force us to find alternate takes. And background sound can ruin good dialogue. In addition, crackles, line noise, reverberation, clicks and pops can all conspire to force us to the rely on the post sound mixer or dumping material altogether. As a result, we make lots of compromises, big and small. We accept bad audio quality, we reject audio that — but for one problem — would have been great, or we skip VOs, NATSOTs and music that would have made the cut better... [continue reading]
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