Jerry Ghionis Gives 7 Tips for Succeeding in Wedding Photography

Dare Dreamer by Vennassa Joy Editor?s Note: NJ Wedding Photographer Vanessa Joy recently interviewed Australian-born Portrait and Wedding Photographer Jerry Ghionis about the state of photography in today?s world and turning taking pictures from passion into profit. Jerry is coming to a city near you in his first ever photography tour of 33 North American cities. Dare Dreamer Mag readers get $10 off registration at with the code HTWDD. Why do you think photography has become such a popular art form in the past 5 years? ghionis-mattlynnThere was a mystery to photography when I started with the use of medium format cameras, tripods, film, processing. It was an enigma to the average non-photographer. Over the years, as it has become easier and easier for people to own good quality cameras and with everyone owning a camera on their phone, the mystery has somewhat faded. It isn?t as expensive for people to now take up photography as a hobby or experiment with it. It used to be very expensive between the equipment, the film, the processing and so you had to invest quite a bit of money just to ?play.? But now with very affordable cameras that are of great quality and the ability to take thousands of images without spending anything to see them, it has become much easier for people to explore photography as an art. I now find myself working harder than ever to explain to potential clients the difference between well crafted professional photographs with the service they receive from a professional and what they receive from the average person who just happens to be holding a camera. An analogy I often enjoy using is that if everyone owned a microphone, it wouldn?t make everyone a great singer. Why should consumers continue to value photography? Long after the flowers have died, the last dance, after the cake has been eaten, the only thing that remains is your photography. It?s a legacy that you pass down to future generations. read more...

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