Join The Vertical Video Revolution with YoloLiv Instream

Join the Vertical Video RevolutionThe New Default for Mobile Video Production and Consumption
Create better content for Instagram, TikTok, and more. All-in-one, encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor.
-Graphic Overlays
-Picture in Picture
-Chroma Key
    The First and Only All-in-One Multi-Cam Vertical Live Streaming Studio
    • All-in-One: Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor
    • Multiple Capture Sources: 2 HDMI In + 1 USB In + SD Card
    • Running on Android OS: No computer / OBS required
    • 3 Ways to Connect: Wifi, 4G LTE, Ethernet
    • Total Touch Screen Control: Operate intuitvely as your smartphone
    • Internal Battery: Lasts for 3+ hours
    • Portability and Mobility: Compact size, fits into backpack
    • Live On The Go: Entire mobile live stream studio in one box vertical streaming to Instagram & TikTok

    All Pro Software Features Built-In

    • Countdown Timer
    • Picture-in-Picture
    • Graphic Overlays
    • Lower Thirds
    • Chroma Key
    • Encode, Switch, Monitor, and Stream to Instagram and TikTok

    • HDMI IN: Video input
    • HDMI IN: Video input
    • USB-C: Video input (Please note in some USB webcams, only video can be captured.)
    • 1/4" Screw Hole: Mount Instream Mini with camera
    • ETHERNET PORT: Connect to Internet by Ethernet cable
    • HDMI OUT: Video out to monitor or computer for Zoom/Skype meetings
    • USB-C: Only for charging
    • AUDIO OUT: Connect with 3.5mm monitor headphones
    • LINE IN: Stereo, connect to electric guitar or synthesizer
    • MIC IN: Mono, connect to microphone for recording
    • SD Card Slot: Used for recording and loading graphics
    • SIM Card Slot: Insert SIM card to connect to Internet
    • Power Button: Turn on and turn off

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