Jorge Zayas: SlingStudio is the Unanimous Winner

The Slingstudio is an all in one production system, perfect for your next mobile multi camera stream. Say goodbye to endless spools of cables and production trucks, the Slingstudio fits right in a backpack!

Jorge Zayas is a frequent Videoguys costumer and friend of the company! He also happens to be featured on the Slingstudio website!

He recently released an article with SlingStudio titled: SlingStudio In The Ring: Pro Talk With Jorge Zayas.

The article is a part of Slingstudio's Pro Talk series, in it Jorge Zayas expands on how he has used the SlingStudio System professionally, and how it has upped his production efforts.

We'll take a look at some of the articles finer points HERE.

Experience with video production Before SlingStudio?

I had no formal video production experience prior to using SlingStudio, which I discovered just a couple years ago.

This just goes to show, SlingStudio is the perfect tool for beginners and pros alike! It's easy to use and perfect for growth in a production space.

Are you a one-person production crew? Is this just a part-time gig?

I have a team of people that I pay to help me with production. My plans are to go into full-time live streaming with a corporation that I created because of SlingStudio.

SlingStudio is a perfect option for live streaming with a small group of people. The hub allows you to bring in up to ten video sources completely wirelessly, including feeds from smartphones! So all you need is a crew.

How do you get your gigs? What type of jobs do you take (sports or boxing events only, weddings, press conferences, maybe something for NYPD)?

I’m an active duty officer with the New York Police Department, and I got my first gig from being associated with the NYPD boxing team. As a result of my work there, the USA Boxing Metro team reached out to me and my broadcast partner to cover their Ring Masters Tournament.

The SlingStudio hub is perfect for any sporting event, and a great tool for broadcasting in any setting.

The full interview features a lot of great information both on the SlingStudio and on Jorge himself. Check it out HERE.

Learn more about SlingStudio HERE

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