Jump Studios, NVIDIA Quadro, Adobe and PNY Help Predict the

PNY Case Study

Predicting the future is impossible, but if past performance is any indication, then Jump Studios has an amazingly bright future. Just ask ESPN, which chose the multiple Emmy® Award-winning Canadian-based production company to create a cinematic, enticing, high-profile TV teaser for the NASCAR Sprint Series Chase to the Cup—and to do it with a really fast turnaround.

The Project
ESPN wanted an entertainment-driven television teaser about the NASCAR Sprint Series Chase to the Cup. The piece had to be highly entertaining, to intensify interest in the race and to encourage viewers to feel a connection with the top 10 drivers going into the final Chase to the Cup. Jump Studios came up with a compelling concept for its “Last Chance” teaser: a Tarot card reader telling the fortunes of leading NASCAR drivers, creating an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding these popular NASCAR personalities. Who would win? How will the story end? Is the answer in the cards? The teaser engaged viewers and left them eager to know more.

The Players
Jump Studios (jumpstudios.tv) has earned multiple awards for its energizing, innovative work for major television networks and high-end advertising agencies across North America. Jump Studios uses cutting-edge technology built on Adobe® Creative Cloud™ platform and powered by NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs.
PNY Technologies, Inc. (pny.com/quadro) Offering pre-and post-sales assistance, three-year standard warranty, toll-free professional technical support, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, PNY partners and customers experience first-hand why PNY is considered a market leader in the professional graphics industry.

“The NVIDIA Quadro, CUDA, and Adobe technologies work together seamlessly and enable digital artists like us to work at the speed of thought. When we had to make that rather extensive last-minute change in our ‘Last Chance’ teaser, the tools supported our workflow and let us make the rapid changes without sacrificing quality or creative concept. With the NVIDIA and Adobe tools, the creative process is both faster and longer: it’s faster to accomplish tasks in our workflow, but we can take longer in editing, color correcting, and other creative aspects, because now we have more time to play with options and get things just right.”
—Jeff August, Partner and Creative Director, Jump Studios

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