JVC Announces Auto-Tracking for KY-PZ510 Series PTZ Cameras

JVC Pro is very pleased to announce the new Version 3.0 – Auto Tracking Firmware (free of charge) for their 510 series of PTZ Cameras!

The new 3.0 firmware provides “5” New Auto Tracking Features to help raise the quality of your production: STANDARD, AREA, STAGE, WIDE AREA, and FINE ADJUSTMENT. This combined with the superb video performance, flexibility, and wide-angle power of the KY-PZ510 makes the 510 series a very powerful solution for your PTZ needs. Attached, please find the JVC Pro – New Product News & Reference Guide that provides more comprehensive info on the KYPZ510 V3 Firmware and all the Auto-Tracking benefits.

The Version 3.0 – Auto Tracking Firmware is available free of charge on the new JVC Professional website. https://www.jvc.com/usa/pro/professional-video/

Five New Auto Tracking Settings

1. Standard
In the Standard auto-tracking mode, you can set various positions of the subject within the frame.

2. Area
The camera captures the Area frame where the target subject is visible. When the subject moves to an adjacent Area, the camera pans to the new Area. Two to four Area settings can be made. Subject tracking is stationary in this setting

3. Stage
In the Stage setting, the left and right panning borders are set. The subject will be auto-tracked only within the borders.

4. Wide Area
In the Wide Area setting, a left and a right Area with borders are set with the camera stationary and no subject tracking. Standard auto-tracking of the target subject will be engaged outside of the set Area.

5. Fine Adjustment
If the subject is out of the preset framing position after panning, the camera will adjust the subject framing to the correct position. Once the subject framing is corrected, the camera will become stationary


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