JVC GY-HD100U Camcorder

Studio Monthly By Will Holloway JVC GY-HD100UA 3-Chip, Progressive-Scan Camera for Film-Look Video and More If you’re going to use video but want a film look, the GY-HD100U may very well be the most affordable and best-suited piece of equipment for that task available today. JVC introduced this camera at last year’s NAB in Las Vegas. At the time, the company promised features and pricing that would make it a hit. When JVC started delivering units early last fall, the numbers soon proved that the company did, in fact, have a real winner on its hands. Summary: If you’re shooting film-style work, or like progressive-scan cameras, you would be spending your money wisely on this camera. There are a lot of accessories available for the HD100U and many more will be shown this year at NAB, including some additional lens options. read more...

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