Kaltura is coming to the Epiphan Pearl Mini


Epiphan bringing in Kaltura integration is a perfect marraige of technology and ease-of-use. The Epiphan Pearl products are already a robust live production system that can easily produce anyone's live streaming broadcast. Now using Kaltura in their workflow users can rest easy knowing any of the production needs will be met. Whether you're using the Pearl 2 or the Pearl Mini, Epiphan and Kaltura have your broadcast in good hands.

Below is a spotlight from Epiphan about this integration with Kaltura. For a deeper dive into this integration watch the full webinar from Epiphan here.

Kaltura integration was released in January 2019 as a free firmware update for all Pearl systems. Pearl offers a versatile and no-fuss experience for multi-camera scheduled VOD events, ad hoc events, and webcasting using either RTMP or RTMPS.

Pearl’s front-screen shows the current event, or use Pearl’s Admin panel to see an up-to-date list of all your scheduled events. A countdown appears when your event is close to starting.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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