Ken Stone Matrox MXO2 Review

MXO2Review by Steve Douglas

For those of us using Apple's Final Cut Pro the Viewer is just fine for setting the in and out points of our clips. The Canvas serves its' purpose in allowing us to watch our sequences, and the ability to go to the Digital Cinema Desktop provides us with a good approximation of what our clients will view. However, wouldn't it be great to really view our sequences in broadcast quality, to be able to correctly see the color corrections we make, the filters and motion paths we apply, and fine tune them to broadcast standards? The Matrox MXO2 device allows us to do just that either at your home or office at your editing bay, or on location off your MacBook Pro and a good field monitor.

I was looking forward to reviewing Matrox' MXO2 hardware even before it was shipped. After reading positive reviews of Matrox's MXO, the prospective benefits of the MXO2 was both exciting and enticing. What I most looked forward to was being able to see on a good 1080p monitor how my editing projects were really shaping up. This became a great excuse to give to my wife regarding the necessity of purchasing a Sony KDL-32XBR monitor for the editing bay. read more...

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