Kevin Smith is still rabid about Avid

In 2011, Kevin Smith caused one of the biggest sensations I have seen in my 20 years of attending the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. The premiere place to convene each year for all the latest and greatest technology has to offer in tv broadcasting, radio, internet media and now film, speakers have come to include many top names in the film industry; from Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer to Oscar winners cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and ?King of the World? James Cameron, and yes, to indie filmmaking sensation Kevin Smith. As part of Smith?s ?Red State? release campaign, he made a stop at NAB in 2011 to deliver a keynote address and presentations for Avid editing systems. Turning a packed house on its ear with his passion for the product, Avid was the big talk of the town for filmmakers and editors. But then, Smith walked away from filmmaking.

Although it took a few years, as luck would have it, Smith recharged his batteries and found some new inspiration that made him step back behind the camera with TUSK, a film that challenges Smith?s technical skills and ups the ante thanks to widescreen 2:33 lensing by his cinematographer James Laxton. But did he go back to an Avid editing system?

?Avid is my home boy. . .Without Avid I probably wouldn?t be the half the filmmaker I am today.? While Smith jokes that ?Most critics would be like ?he?s not even a real filmmaker?, imagine any talent I have is all due to the ability to kind of go through that footage.? Giving credit to Scott Mosier who at the time was cutting ?Chasing Amy? using Avid. read more...

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