Kiloview Cube R1 Product Spotlight | A Turnkey Solution for Reliable NDI Recording

Introducing the Kiloview Cube R1 - Simplifying NDI Recording!

The Kiloview Cube R1 is your ideal solution for seamless NDI recording. With this device, you can capture up to 9 channels of NDI content at a stunning 1080p 60fps simultaneously, or up to 4 channels at an impressive 4K 60fps. What sets the Cube R1 apart is its versatility, accommodating a mix of NDI flavors, including Full Bandwidth NDI and NDI|HX. 


Connectivity is made simple with the Cube R1. It's equipped with 2 high-speed 10G SFP+ ports and a standard 1G RJ45 port on the rear, ensuring seamless network integration. Additionally, you will find an HDMI output, line-in and line-out ports, USB slots for keyboard and mouse peripherals, and not one but two power ports for redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted operation. 

When it comes to storage, the Cube R1 offers flexibility. You can record directly onto hot-swappable 1 or 2 terabyte SSDs, providing continuous recording without a hitch. Kiloview has released their own storage modules that have been tested and approved for use with the R1 and are available now. 

Plus, the Cube R1 offers file compression options in formats like H.264 or H.265, optimizing storage efficiency. 



Learn more about Kiloview here!

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