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Discover how NDI's cutting-edge Certified program is reshaping the landscape of video connectivity. Explore the benefits of NDI Certified devices, ensuring consistent performance, simplified scalability, and reduced troubleshooting for innovative applications in education and business communication.

In the rapidly evolving world of video connectivity, NDI takes center stage with its game-changing "NDI Certified program." Dive into this blog post from Yahoo Finance to understand how NDI is leading the charge in shaping the next generation of products, fostering harmonious interoperability within the dynamic NDI ecosystem.

  1. NDI Dominance in IP-Based Technology:

    • According to Haivision's Broadcast Transformation Report 2023, NDI stands out as the most widely used IP-based technology among global broadcast professionals.
  2. NDI Certified Program Essentials:

    • Learn how the NDI Certified program ensures that every new device and advancement adheres to NDI standards, guaranteeing an enhanced connectivity experience for end users and manufacturers alike.
  3. Impressive Roster of Certified Devices:

    • Explore a comprehensive list of over 50 certified devices from renowned companies like Atomos, JVC, Panasonic, and more, offering seamless communication, data exchange, and functionality.
  4. Thorough Testing Criteria:

    • Delve into the meticulous testing conducted by the NDI team, covering aspects such as interoperability, latency, image compression and quality, supported formats, and codecs.
  5. Benefits of NDI Certified Products:

    • Uncover the advantages of NDI Certified devices, including consistent performance, simplified scalability, reduced troubleshooting, and increased interoperability within the NDI ecosystem.
  6. Industry Professionals' Testimonials:

    • Gain insights from industry leaders, such as Steven Liang, VP of Product Development at Lumens, on how the NDI Certification Program has positively impacted product development and customer confidence.
  7. Growing NDI Ecosystem:

    • Understand the vastness of the NDI community and the diverse array of certified products available through the NDI Product Finder, facilitating easy access for AV installers, professionals, and users.
  8. Future Certification Plans:

    • Get a glimpse into NDI's future plans, including the expansion of certification to include software later in the year and the certification of additional device categories in 2024.

As the popularity of NDI continues to soar globally, the NDI Certified program emerges as a beacon of trust and reliability in the AV over IP landscape. Empower your creativity, communication, and collaboration with NDI Certified devices—explore the revolution in video connectivity today!

Read the full blog post from Yahoo Finance HERE

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