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LaCie has come out with the new DJI Copilot a drive that does not require a laptop to offload footage. The DJI copilot makes it possible for you to copy media directly onto SD cards or drive through a USB port. You can also add the BOSS (backup on set solution) app to your phone to make it even easier to manage your footage on the go, with its own operating built-in screen this drive is easy to manage and operate during production. No need to wait until post-production to check your footage and manage your data. If you want to learn more about the LaCie Copilot or any of LaCie’s other great products check out this webinar.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

LaCie DJI Copilot – 2TB

More Creative Time. Less Desk Time. That’s the dream, right? Achieve it with LaCie DJI Copilot. As a BOSS drive (Backup On Set Solution) it has an SD card slot and USB port to copy files directly from devices, no laptop needed. Plus, you can sort and manage files on the go with the Copilot BOSS app—less to do once you’re at your desk.
  • Copy files directly via SD card slot
  • No laptop needed, plug directly into your USB devices.
  • Use phone and tablet to manage files.
  • Charge phone on the go.
  • Get 1-month membership to Adobe All Apps plan
Laptop Free. Carefree.
NOW IN STOCK $349.99

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