LaCie External Hard Drives Ensure the Reliability and Safety of Your Data

Every content creator knows having extra portable external hard drives around makes life easier on a project. Holiday sales are making it an ideal time to stock up on drives. LaCie's rugged drives are fast, durable and affordable, check out the video below. See our roundup of LaCie Storage deals here and stock up!

LaCie External Hard Drives: More Than Data Storage

“...The hard drive is no longer worth just what I paid for it. All the time spent on labor, gear, props, people's time—all of that gets wrapped up in the data that lives on these hard drives.” Chris Hershman, creative producer and visual artist

LaCie external hard drives ensure the reliability and safety of your data. Many of them provide built-in card slots and ports to support robust data ingestion and transfer as well as universal compatibility via USB-C, USB 3.0, and ThunderboltTM 3.

In this video, you’ll hear experts discuss how these products go beyond video and photo storage to streamline and safeguard your workflow.

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