LaCie NAB: New 8TB Rugged RAID Shuttle, New 16TB 2big RAID

At the NAB Show this week, LaCie has showcased a first-of-its-kind 8TB portable RAID for transporting large projects safely and efficiently, the LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle. Also launched this week: a new LaCie 2big desktop RAID with up to 16TB that can be easily used by anyone.

Here’s an in depth look at what’s new at Lacie.

Rugged RAID Shuttle

Building on 14 years of the iconic LaCie Rugged design, the all new LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle is designed for up and coming filmmakers and independent video professionals, along with photographers, video bloggers, traveling content creators and musicians.

The Rugged RAID Shuttle delivers 8TB of storage in a cunning flat design, created by our consumer design and engineering teams. Under its hood are two 4TB, 2.5-inch hard drives—enough space for more than 200 hours of 4K video footage. It’s even self-encrypting for added protection, and its hardware RAID 0/1 lets the user control capacity/speed versus redundancy.

Rather than stacking the drives—customary for high-capacity external HDDs— Lacie's engineers found a way to arrange the drives horizontally and still keep the product’s extreme ruggedness. LaCie is the first to offer this innovation for creative professionals.

“Arranging the drives horizontally within the chassis creates a slimmer profile which allows it to fit more easily into shipping envelopes; this ease of shipment inspired the design,” says Michael Morgan, director of hardware development for LaCie products. “Rather than vertically stacking the drives, the flat design also provides a thermally superior system, and it’s consistent with other creative professional product form factors such as tablets.”

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