LaCie Rugged BOSS is an ideal solution for professionals out in the field

Lyle Smith from recently made a great and in depth review for the LaCie Rugged BOSS! The SSD is super durable with it's rugged build, and ideal for those who work out on the field day in and day out. In fact, that's the main focus here. 

"We’ve seen a lot of Rugged models over the years, so at first glance, you would notice anything new other than its rather large size and ability to directly copy files from SD cards and other connected USB devices via the fast copy button. However, the main draw of the Rugged BOSS is the slick LCD embedded right on the front panel of the enclosure, which displays a range of information transfer progress, drive capacity, and battery life. This is quite unique for portable storage and it’s something that really stands out," Lyle wrote. 

This drive also has a LaCie BOSS mobile app. This lets people manage and organize files along with footage when connected to an iOS or Androud device. So reviewing and managing content has never been easier. 

How fast is this drive? This drive runs up to 430mb/s. 


Model number STJB1000800
Capacity 1TB
Interface USB 3.1 Gen 2, Type-C
Thunderbolt 3 Yes
Performance 430MB/s read (up to)
Compatibility Computer running Mac OS 10.11 or later / Windows 10 or later with an available USB-C (3.1), Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0 port Mobile phone/tablet running iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0 or later
What’s included
  • LaCie® Rugged® BOSS SSD
  • USB-C cable (USB 3.1)
  • USB-A cable (USB 3.0/2.0)
  • Lightning cable (iOS)
  • USB-C cable (iOS and Android®)
  • Micro USB cable (Android)
  • Power adapter
  • Removable cover
  • microSD to SD adapter
  • BOSS mobile app
  • LaCie Toolkit Software suite
  • Quick start guide
  • Adobe® Creative Cloud® All Apps Plan 1
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 1.417in
  • Width: 4.331in
  • Depth: 5.354in
  • 1.124lb




LaCie comes back with it's signature silver design with an orange outer shell. This shell is easily removed but also has a nice and snug fit for the drive. If removed, you can now have access to the power port. This charges the Rugged BOSS SSD so it can be used on a USB Type-A port. 

"It also features a USB-C port to connect the Rugged BOSS SSD to both Windows and MacOS platforms, and an SD card port. Pressing the “action button” or “easy copy” will transfer all files to the card; coupling this super handy feature with the LaCie Boss app further demonstrates that you don’t need a laptop to manage or manage files," Lyle wrote. 

The port to connect to mobile devices is located on the far right. Also note that the power adapter can be connected when the protective port cover is on. 

The BOSS utilizes an LCD on the front of the drive. Thus you don't necessarily need a computer monitor to look at its contents.c This uses an action button which can be found on the side. The display is bright, easy to read, and slick. This show connection indicators which lets you know if it's connected to a mobile device, a SD card, USB device, or a power supply. When you wish to copy files, the notification also pops up here. 

How to Manage the Drive?

Lyle provided us with some great screen shots. It can all be managed with the mobile app as well as any device connected to it's SD and USB ports. 

"You can view and manage files, copy files from connected devices to the Rugged BOSS, confirm an easy copy (instead of the LCD on the device), queue ports for easy copy using your mobile device, and more. To start, simply download and install the app then connect the LaCie SSD to your mobile device. After loading, you can access the navigation menu on the left, which displays all connected devices, including supplemental storage such as the SD card," Lyle wrote. 

This is where the settings menu can be accessed. This lets you rename the device, choose a language, view firmware, set notifications, and even clone the BOSS. From here you can tap the device display to see all files and folders. Hitting the options panel lets you share, move, or copy files. 


Lyle tested the performance of this drive using BlackMagic on a gen-1 MacBook Air and IOMeter. This pictures shows the results.

"For IOMeter, we first looked at 2MB sequential with both 1 and 4 thread, the latter which is a higher load that pushes the drive a bit more. For 1 thread, the BOSS managed to hit 393.8MB/s read and 150.7MB/s write, while random performance posted 186.9MB/s read and 101.8MB/s write. For Random 4K, the LaCie SSD hit read speeds of 5,022 IOPS and writes speeds of 594 IOPS," Lyle wrote. 

The BOSS was able to record 436.4MB/s and write 159.9MB/s in a 2MB sequential test. This happened while the 2MB showed reads of 436.3MB/s. With 4K, the BOSS recorded 19.601 iOPS read and 782 iOPS write. 

Final Thoughts

What a fantastic drive with some pretty cool features. This is a fantastic addition to their Rugged SSD line. It can be used on multiple devices and operating systems. The mobile app make looking at and monitoring data easier than ever before. And finally this drive is built for the road. 

In the end, Lyle put it best. "Overall, this is a unique Rugged offering highlighted by its very cool-looking LCD and ability to be managed on the fly. This makes it a great portable storage solution for professionals out in the field who don’t want to carry around a laptop or don’t have access to one."

Read the original review here!

Learn more about LaCie here!

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