LaCie Rugged SSD is what Every Freelancer Needs

We've been using the LaCie Rugged SSD a lot since having to work remotely. It's essentially taking work into my pocket, and it's small size make that literal. But not too long ago, I really got to see the power of this SSD in action, and I've got to say... every freelancer needs this for their workflow.

Recently I went on vacation. The main purpose of this was to escape technology. Besides working for Videoguys, I work freelance on the side to always earn some extra money with my small company AN Productions. Two weeks ago, I'd been hired to edit together a large webinar-like presentation for a company who has had to work remotely due to the pandemic.

Using my desktop, I edited the 3 hour long event together no sweat using Vegas Pro (my personal favorite NLE) and my custom built desktop computer. I send it to them and the next day I'm off to New Hampshire for vacation. But just in case, I brought my dinky little laptop with me and - of course - the LaCie Rugged SSD. I made sure to backup all the files necessary if changes needed to be made for the client. I was also taking lots of footage of wildlife and nature so my plan was to mainly use the SSD to dump my footage onto.

Then came the phone call. The client said, "We need changes now!" The video of course was due that day. So I had no choice but to hunker down and do what they asked on my little laptop.

What did I do?

To be clear, this laptop had a copy of Vegas Pro on it, but I certainly couldn't edit HD footage on it effectively let alone render. Even if I downscale proxies, this computer would run so slow it'd drive me nuts. If anything, I just use this laptop as massive storage for immediate files now.

So... I plugged in my LaCie Rugged SSD (only using a USB 3.0 port), and edited everything off of that. It had a consistent throughput of 480 MB/s!

I was shocked at how effective the whole process worked, and I was able to make the changes they needed and deliver the 3 hour product on time. The result was it saving me a client and a lot of money.

This SSD makes it possible for you to edit anywhere and from almost anything! I was truly amazed by how smoothly I was able to open all my files, and edit just off of the drive.


LaCie truly has knocked it out of the park with this product.

First off, it's bright orange. hard to misplace something that stands out so much.

But this orange casing is what makes a Rugged Drive... rugged. This SSD can be thrown at a wall, driven over by a car, submerged under water, and still work like nothing happened! With how much I move around, be it on location or going from studio to studio, I know this things can take a beating. I can't count how many times I've dropped drives in the past only for them to break. Not a problem here!

I'm also afraid to put normal SSD's in my pocket, afraid they might break. Again, the LaCie Rugged SSD is not just tough, but small!

Now, I had to use USB 3.0 because I only had those ports available. But this drive also uses USB 3.1 with throughput speeds up to 950 MB/s! This is fantastic because grabbing and editing footage off of this drive means less taxation of your editing computer. A person like me stuck with a dinky laptop not suited for NLE, this drive is perfect!

The LaCie Rugged SSD is available in 500 GB, 1TB, and 2TB models!

This drive also has a brother called the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro! This comes in a black rugged casing and has Thunderbolt 3 capabilities as well! The throughput for this puppy is up to an astonishing 2,800MB/s!

The LaCie Rugged SSD Pro is available in 1TB and 2TB models!

In Conclusion

Every freelancer out there needs the LaCie Rugged SSD! Be it used for simple backup, or on the road editing, or even storage for videographers! This is the SSD for you, and I cannot recommend this drive enough!

Learn more about LaCie here!

Learn more about Vegas Pro here!

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