Larry Jordan: Editing with the New iMacs

By Larry Jordan

OK. I’m impressed!

Last November, the day they went on sale, I ordered a 27? iMac to replace my main editing system. (Click here to read about the system I ordered.)

It arrived the end of December and, as these things tend to work out, as soon as I unpacked it, I needed to give it to our talented production assistant to do some web database work for the last two weeks. (First, its a tribute to the admiration I hold her in that she was even able to TOUCH this system and, second, I felt like she was using a Ferrari to ferry kids to and from school.)

Finally, she went back to school. Now it was my turn. While I haven’t done a ton of work with it – yet – I want to share what I’ve learned.


This thing is fast! It loads fast. It runs smoothly. It renders quickly. Export is faster than real-time.

The screen is clear and easy to read – even considering the small point sizes of much of the text. And it has speed to burn.



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