Larry Jordan on 7 Ways NAB 2014 Could Change the Way You Work

StudioDaily by Beth Marchant

Some people attack NAB with a detailed plan and others simply let the undulating flow of traffic up and down the aisles guide them through the exhibition. Looking for a way to manage your days? We asked Digital Production Buzz's Larry Jordan about the types of products and workflows he'll be searching out in Vegas—including those off everyone's radar. When he's not roaming the halls, Jordan will be recording live updates of the show every 30 minutes between 10:30 and 2:00 pm during NAB.

1: The Industry Is on an Upswing (Finally)
"I think NAB 2014 is going to be a sea change," says Jordan. "We're finally seeing the industry pull itself out of the financial funk that it's been in for the last four or five years. But it's still a rugby scrum out there in many ways. As new products and workflows emerge, the old guard will need to adjust. But we are looking at an industry that is finally getting some cash to spend and the recession finally fading into the background."

2: 4K Workflows Only Start with a Camera
4K has legs that 3D never did, says Jordan, and we already know we'll see every imaginable new 4K camera and beyond at NAB again this year. "Part of the reason is we've been acquiring 4K, 5K and even 6K images for a while and computers have also been able to edit 4K for a while. A Mac mini can edit 4K, for example. But now we have a choice: Are we shooting 4K because we want to edit it at 2K or 1080 so we can use the additional pixels for image stabilization, or do we want to use it for reframing later—which just drives me nuts!—to give us more power during post? So when thinking about 4K, think about all the peripherals like storage, bandwidth and infrastructure that hang off of these recording and editing workflows to support those huge files." read more...

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