Larry Jordan: Will Apple Release a New MacPro?

By Larry Jordan

One of the web mailing lists I that I read regularly is IMUG – a great resource for anyone involved in media production or post.

This morning, Paul Isbicki asked “…do any video pros REALLY believe that APPLE will make a turnaround move and release a new Mac Pro that will justify the inordinately long wait?”

I’ve gotten this a lot from my newsletter readers and wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this.


I’ve written three blogs about the MacPro.

  • Does the MacPro Have a Future?
  • MacPro Update from WWDC 2012
  • Larry’s Thoughts: Apple and Professionals

The issue of the life or death of the MacPro gained traction in April and May of 2012, when Lou Borella posted a Facebook page called “We Want a New MacPro.”

In it, Lou asked Apple for clarity on whether the MacPro was dead. In a response Tim Cook stated that a new MacPro was in the works for 2013. However, his wording was a bit squishy and, not surprisingly, a great debate ensued about “what Tim Cook really meant.” read more...

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