Larry's Blog: Where Is Thunderbolt?

By Larry Jordon

I needed to buy more storage for my editing system – as if needing more storage for video editing is a surprise or something…

Anyway, I decided that since one of my editing systems supports Thunderbolt, I would buy a Thunderbolt RAID. Except the only ones on the market seemed to be from Promise Technology.

Now I’m sure that Promise is a good company – Apple would not recommend them if they weren’t – but they are not a company I know well, so I decided to look for something else.

And, hmmm, there’s not a whole lot else on the market. So, I decided to do some research and had a number of off-the-record conversations with different hard drive vendors to figure out why – when we are almost a year after the launch – there are so few Thunderbolt units available. Here’s what I learned.


Basically, Thunderbolt was released to the market too early. Thunderbolt requires not just one chip from Intel, but a master chip and a variety of supporting chips to be able to handle all the signal processing. read more...

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