Learn all about Yolobox portable live streaming

Shawn from Wex Photo Video recently put out a fantastic video showing off the YoloLiv YoloBox and what's needed to know when using this portable live streaming device. 

"The YoloBox live streaming monitor is a system by YoloLiv, designed for live streaming from any location with a way of connecting to the internet. This can be through wifi, hotspotting from a mobile device or direct ethernet connection. The YoloBox is able to connect with your online streaming accounts across various platforms and then stream directly to them. Not only that, but the YoloBox also offers four separate video channels which you can designate to camera feeds, previewing of computer monitors and pre-recorded video content. With its simple-to-use touchscreen interface you can then cut between each of your video feeds, producing high quality, professional, live content to your audience."

We can certainly attest to the utter variability this small but powerful can produce. There's a reason Videoguys' Gary Bettan likes to call the Yolobox "The Swiss Army Knife for Live Streaming!"

All credit goes to Wex Photo Video for putting together this great overview. 

Watch the full video here!

Learn more about YoloLiv here!

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