Learn How Matrox Monarch HD Encoder can Impact and Expanding Your Ministry

One major application for the Matrox Monarch HD encoder is in a house of worship. Capital Christian Ministries International uses the Monarch HD to empower Zambia's youth by connecting them with ministry donors.

Capital Christian Ministry has built a community through video- connecting worshipers through streaming and recording sermons. CCMI streams directly online to reach children, and adults who are unable to attend a service.

" Using the Monarch HD to do live streaming from these remote sites, we’re able to take a message that, two or three years ago, would have been trapped inside a building. With live streaming, we’re literally worldwide and anyone with internet can get on and see it.”

Randall Rike, Director of Technical and Media USA for CCMI

Matrox Monarch HD

The Monarch HD isn't only a permanent fixture at CCMI, it is a major player in worship streaming. The Matrox Monarch line of encoders both stream and record at the same time. Houses of worship enjoy these devices because they are great for both sermons and leadership training.

Check out this article from Matrox to learn more.

Learn more about Matrox HERE

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